Are there different types of memberships?

Yes, we offer a range of different memberships in different price ranges so there is one out there to fit every person or family depending on what you want out of your training. Our memberships range from $28 a week to $54 a week.

How long does the membership run for?

All our students jump on a fortnightly direct debit with an easy opt-out option. Some terms and conditions apply.

Do you offer discounts for families?

At IMC Wetherill Park we offer family discounted memberships, only pay for the first 2 family members and any additional immediate family members can train free.

Do I have to fight?

Most certainly not! IMC believe that martial art training is more than just fighting. Of course, if that’s what you want, we can teach you to be the best fighter, but about 90% of our students have no interest in fighting. They just want to get fit, have some fun and make new friends. There is something for everyone at IMC.

How old does my child have to be to start?

We take students from the age of three years and up. If your child is a little younger but you think they are ready, we will happily test them out in one of classes and see how they go. Every child is different.

When can I get started?

TODAY! Give us a call or click here to book your first class online, then head over to one of our facilities. We love having new people become part of our family and there is no better time to get started than right now.

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Phone: 9756 5252