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8 Ways to Get Your Kids Fit

Sometimes it seems that children today are far more motivated to give their fingers a workout playing video games (ipad, mobile phone or play station) or using the remote control…

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5 reasons your child should practice Martial Arts

Reason #1: They Will Become More Active This is the obvious reason kids should do martial arts in this day and age – to get active and moving. In case…

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The 4 Best Non-Physical Reasons Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts

Martial Arts comes with an inherent and admittedly well-earned reputation. Most people think the sport is synonymous with combat physical fitness which is true to some extent, however the real benefits of…

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The 4-Step Guide to Staying Fuelled During Your Martial Arts Class

NOTHING is worse than showing up for your class and spending the entire time focusing on trying not to throw up all over yourself instead of what you’re learning. Keep yourself…

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What do I have to do to make my child successful?

From my experience over the last 39 years of teaching, there are essentially 5 steps you should take to make your child have an enjoyable and rewarding Martial Arts journey….