Arm yourself with the technique and mindset to be able to defend and protect yourself and others in any situation.

Develop strength and confidence while learning to do things you never saw in yourself. It is never too late to start learning to put your safety in your own hands by starting Kempo Karate lessons. We teach you the practical element to self-defence and sparring whilst also showing you how to use and protect yourself with weapons.

​Our adult Kempo Karate classes are designed to be fun and beneficial in a safe environment. We incorporate intense fitness as a part of every class so you can be sure you will also receive a great workout. Our classes are tailored for both beginners to the most advanced students – both young and old. ​​Let us help you change your life.

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Address: 1A/1357 The Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park NSW 2164
Phone: 9756 5252